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Here at Woodshed Stove Shop, we pride ourselves for our diverse product offering from a multitude of brands, making it your one-stop shop for all things stove and heating products related. Look below to see what we have available.

Pellet Stoves

While there are certainly different benefits when it comes to investing in either a Wood, Pellet or Gas we have all the products and a knowledgeable staff that will help you make the right purchase for your home and family. We offer fireplaces from a number of brands, including Enviro-Fire, Hearthstone, Pacific Energy, Quadra-Fire, Regency, Jotul, RSF and Napoleon fireplaces.

Pellet Fuel

Pellet fuel is made from recycled wood waste and is used in wood pellet units. Pellet fuel is a renewable and clean-burning source for heat. If you’re interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency with a cost-effective alternative, consider installing a pellet stove. We sell pellet fuel by the bag or by the ton. We offer 40 lb bags, and orders for a ton is delivered in bags.

Gas Stoves

Natural & LPG gas stoves are clean, fast-acting and economical. These stoves also function without needing a traditional chimney or electricity. It is often considered one of the most convenient types of heating stoves.

Antique Potbelly Stoves

Used for heating and cooking, potbelly stoves add an antique charm and sensibility to any home’s decor. These stoves are made from cast iron. However requires greater clearances & has shorter burn times.

Antique Cook Stoves

Antique cooking stoves were used as early as the 1840s and continued to be popular through the 1950s. These stoves add an unmistakable old-fashioned charm to any residence.

Specialty Grills

If you are a lover of all things barbecue, then you know that there’s many ways to grill a burger. Take a look at our selection of specialty grills today to beef up your next BBQ.

Gas Log Sets

Select a gas log set that not will not only add a much-needed comfort & ambiance to your home and family, but will help to create the true authentic experience that a stove should offer. Check out our log set selection from Grand Canyon Logs and RH Peterson.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Complement your outdoor decor with our selection of outdoor fire pits. Nothing warms up a chilly Colorado night like a backyard fire pit!

Outdoor Furnaces

Our selection of Woodmaster outdoor furnaces will help to heat your Home, Shop or Pool using innovative utilizations of alternative fuel sources.

For more information about our furnace, stove, and heating products, please contact The Woodshed Stove Shop today at 719.275.9007.

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